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A Utah Valley University and Exploring the Core LLC Collaboration


About our Research
Metacognition in Schools

We are testing a self-assessment tool designed to measure a person's readiness to adopt changes in behavior related to metacognitive teaching and learning strategies in high school and college.

We believe these instruments will improve interventions for students and teachers, increasing student retention and degree completion in a higher education setting.


Utah Valley University
Institutional Review Board

I am a high school teacher and would like to participate.

Survey Registration
for High School Teachers

From which school type will you be participatng?
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After registering, you will receive an email confirming your participation, including information with access dates and links to both teacher and student surveys.


How does this research benefit me and my students?

This survey asks you and your students to reflect on several metacognitive strategies for learning, and you may or may not decide to start using some of them, which can have direct and immediate benefits to both you and your students.

You will also receive a data summary of the most common learning strategies used by your students, which can benefit how you decide to coach students in their learning.

Additionally, your participation in this survey validation study serves to benefit future research designed to improve interventions that promote metacognitive teaching and learning strategies in high school settings as well as in higher education.

We hope you choose to participate in this survey study and thank you for your time and insight as a high school teacher.

The Research Team

Anton Headshot-2-1.png

Anton Tolman, Ph.D.

  • Tolman LinkedIn

Co-Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Behavioral Science

Utah Valley University


Nate Martin

Research Assistant

Utah Valley University


Benjamin Johnson, Ph.D.

  • Johnson LinkedIn

Co-Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Higher Education

Utah Valley University


Brynn Wallentine

Research Assisstant

Utah Valley University


Greg Mullen

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Education Consultant

Exploring the Core LLC

Los Angeles, CA


Gabby Carmona

Research Assistant

Utah Valley University

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