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Example of SDS

Self-Directed Schooling

Developing independence requires instruction, guidance, and freedom of choice to give meaning and purpose to it all.

The more choice is removed from this process, the less a person sees the value in that instruction and guidance.

A child will need a parent/guardian/authority at first but will slowly require independent ownership of choice.

Authority and responsibility starts with the parent and transitions to the child over time.


"First Five" (Infant, Toddler)

Be Predictable and Prepared, but Flexible!

Parent/Guardian/Authority Designs and Maintains Schedule

Flexibility keeps Parent Sanity while Meeting Needs of Child and Self

Father Combing Daughter's Hair
Park Cleanup

Primary Student

Parent/Guardian/Authority Designs Framework Schedule

Child is Coached in Flexibly Maintaining Own Schedule

Child is Taught Primary Core Skills and Concepts


With so much that happens in a day,


balancing work and play is important


to be modeled and coached over time.

Secondary Student

Parent/Guardian/Authority Suggests* Framework Schedule

Child Maintains Increased Responsibility of Own Schedule

Child is Taught Secondary Core Skills and Concepts

Computer Learning

*Coaching in primary development. may require continued design.


A self-directed student designs and maintains a schedule that meets the personal, social, and societal needs of both the local and global communities that student has, is, and will impact.

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