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Founder, Exploring the Core LLC

Greg Mullen is based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, and a supporter of whole child development. His philosophy and framework is designed to help schools, teachers, and families understand and develop the whole child. With years of classroom teaching experience in public, private, and charter schools, his devotion to practical philosophy in education has helped many students develop academically, socially, and emotionally to become life-long self-directed learners.

Greg Mullen

Standards-Based Learning


There are five areas of this approach toward standards-based learning.

Separating this approach into five areas helps to focus on topics as conversations begin to conflate different problems and solutions.

Adopting a framework such as this gives greater autonomy to schools in adapting curricula and programs with a standards-based design.

The underlying challenge for schools  shifting toward a standards-based approach is the need for schools to define, internalize, and communicate core philosophies and practices that are specific to different communities.

social-emotional Learning


There are eight competencies to this social-emotional framework. Each area focuses on the development of individual skills that serve to support the whole child.

This SEL Framework is part of a comprehensive approach toward identifying and strengthening SEL competencies.

Each competency is designed to develop through stages. These stages support a needs assessment and progress monitoring system schools can utilize to strengthen their SEL curriculum and programs.

The underlying challenge for schools incorporating a social-emotional approach toward core academic instruction is the shift away from traditional beliefs toward school and the role of the classroom teachers.

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