A Joint Study Conducted by Utah Valley University and Exploring the Core LLC

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Validation of Metacognitive Instruments in High School and Community College Students and Instructors

This pilot study seeks to establish the validity of survey tools in measuring Readiness for Change and Metacognitive teaching and learning practices in a school setting.


Seeking High School and Junior College Faculty*

*Currently Limited to Schools in California, USA

  • High School Teachers (and their junior and senior year students)

  • Junior College Professors (and their 1st and 2nd year students)


Surveys will be administered twice in the Spring semester of 2021.


Participant Info

As a participant, what will I be required to do?

Participants both at the high school and junior college level (instructors as well as students) will be required to take a survey that involves both quantitative and qualitative responses. Participants will have the option to sign up for a follow-up discussion (digital video chat) soon after each survey to collect participant opinions regarding the quality and effectiveness of the survey design.

As a participant, how will my responses be used?

Your responses will be used to verify/validate the efficacy of the survey tools you are being asked to complete. Participant responses are not made available to the public. Any reporting of this pilot study with reference to participant responses will be anonymized (removing identifying particulars).

What are the steps for participating in this study?

First, scroll down to the bottom of this website and complete the Interest Form. We will send you a form letter to send to your school site administrator to confirm your interest in this study. It is likely that we will need to submit an application for external research to your district office. Upon district approval, you will be contacted via email with consent forms and survey links for you and your students.

General Info

What is the expected timeline for this pilot study

This pilot study is intended to be implemented during the Spring 2021 semester. The first survey window is from late January to late February, the second survey window from mid-April to mid-May. A follow-up feedback session will be optional for participants to further improve the survey design.

Will participants be provided any financial reward for their responses?

Participating teachers/instructors and their participating students are not compensated based on any circumstantial conditions or expectations. However, each participating teacher/instructor that participates in the survey will receive a $50 Amazon gift card as a thank you for volunteering their time to participate.

How much time is required to complete this study's surveys?

Each participant should expect to spend about 20-30 minutes to complete the survey. Those that opt-in for a follow-up survey feedback session may spend about 10-15 minutes for adequate in-person feedback regarding survey design.

Who exactly are you expecting to participate?

The participants we are expecting include: (1) High school teachers with junior and senior level classes. (2) Junior college professors with 1st or 2nd year students.


The survey tools in this brief pilot study are based on the Trans-Theoretical Model of Behavior Change as well as research-based strategies for metacognitive teaching and learning. Origins of these tools are rooted in research and development by Anton Tolman, Professor of Psychology at Utah Valley University. Implementation of this study is hosted through the efforts of Greg Mullen, a public school teacher, self-directed learning advocate, and founder of educational consulting agency Exploring the Core LLC.

Thank you for your Interest!

We, the study investigators, thank you for your interest in this study and are very excited to have you participate. If you have any concerns or questions concerning the way this study has been, is being, or will be conducted, please feel free to contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Anton Tolman at Utah Valley University, Anton.Tolman@uvu.edu, 8018636011, and/or Dr. Cyrill Slezak, Chair of Utah Valley University Institutional Review Board: CSlezak@uvu.edu, (801) 863-6205.

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