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A Joint Study Conducted by Utah Valley University and Exploring the Core LLC




Validation of Metacognitive Instruments
in High School and Community College
Students and Instructors

Anton Tolman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Behavioral Science, Utah Valley University
Benjamin A. Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Higher Education, Utah Valley University
Greg Mullen, Education Consultant, Exploring the Core LLC, Los Angeles, CA

What is the purpose of this study?

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Studying on the Grass

We are testing a self-assessment tool. This tool is designed to measure a person's readiness to adopt specific changes in behavior related to metacognitive teaching and learning.

These tools have been tested in a four-year university setting. We now seek to test these self-assessment tools in community colleges and the high schools near those community colleges.

How does this study benefit schools?

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Research continues to prove metacognition is a highly effective means for improving academic learning in schools.

However, assumptions are too often made about how people adopt new teaching and learning practices.

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Our research is rooted in what is called the Trans-Theoretical Model for behavior change.

We believe our research will improve how schools put in place interventions and professional development related to metacognition for teaching and learning.

Teachers and students who participate in this study receive concrete feedback on their own readiness to change. They will also reflect on the evidence-based metacognitive teaching and learning strategies, which may or may not already be present in their schools.


In fact, participating teachers receive a $25 gift card for their effort!

What do the participants need to do?

Participants complete one survey at the start of the Fall semester, then a second survey at the end of that semester.

One survey at the start and end of the semester. That's it!

Surveys are completely voluntary. Teachers who choose to participate complete both surveys, and offer at least one of their junior or senior level class of students to also choose to complete both surveys (parent consent form provided).

After the second survey is complete, our research team will analyze the data and provide each teacher with a summary of their own results as well as a whole-class summary of student responses. Note: At no time will any individual responses, as well any kind of personal participant information, be shared or made public in any way.

How will data from this study be used?

Our research team currently have our sights set on a federal grant to fund a larger three-year study on the TTM and Metacognition in education. These self-reflection survey tools will be a critical component for that larger federal grant study.

The data we collect from this Fall 2021 survey study will serve to validate our self-assessment tools as an effective means for measuring a person's readiness to adopt specific changes in behavior related to metacognitive teaching and learning.

All participant responses will be coded to remove any personally identifiable information. Presentations may be made to districts or on campuses sharing our results. There is a potential for publication of results, likely to involve aggregate (grouped) data such as means or statistical information.

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for your Interest!

We, the study investigators, thank you for your interest in this study and are very excited to have you participate. If you have any concerns or questions concerning the way this study has been, is being, or will be conducted, please feel free to contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Anton Tolman at Utah Valley University,, 8018636011, Dr. Cyrill Slezak, Chair of Utah Valley University Institutional Review Board:, 8018636205, and/or Greg Mullen, Founder of Exploring the Core LLC,, 3102540515.

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