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A Joint Study Conducted by Utah Valley University and Exploring the Core LLC




Validation of Metacognitive Instruments for High School and Community College Instructors

Spring semester, 2021

This study seeks to establish the validity of survey tools designed to measure Readiness for Change in context of Metacognitive teaching and learning practices.

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Interest in Follow-Up Study

Please fill out the following interest form in order to participate in a subsequent study on metacognitive teaching and learning. This next study will involve district-wide participation of both teachers and students to validate a similar set of metacognition survey tools.
This survey study is expected to take place Fall 2021.
Please indicate whether you are a High School or Community College instructor:

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The survey tools in this brief pilot study are based on (1) the Trans-Theoretical Model of Behavior Change and (2) research-based strategies for metacognitive teaching and learning. Origins of these tools are rooted in research and development by Anton Tolman, Professor of Psychology at Utah Valley University. Implementation of this study is hosted in part through the efforts of Greg Mullen, a public school teacher, self-directed learning advocate, and founder of educational consulting agency Exploring the Core LLC.


Seeking High School and Community College Instructors

*Updated 02/01/2021 to include instructors in CA, AZ, NV, UT.

  • High School Teachers of junior and senior year classes

  • Community College Professors of 1st year courses

Teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic is particularly challenging and we wish to extend our gratitude for your participation in our research.  As a thank you for participating in this research, each participant will receive a $25 Amazon gift card, to be emailed after the second survey in April, 2021.

Thank you for your Interest!

We, the study investigators, thank you for your interest in this study and are very excited to have you participate. If you have any concerns or questions concerning the way this study has been, is being, or will be conducted, please feel free to contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Anton Tolman at Utah Valley University,, 8018636011, Dr. Cyrill Slezak, Chair of Utah Valley University Institutional Review Board:, 8018636205, and/or Greg Mullen, Founder of Exploring the Core LLC,, 3102540515.

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