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Marketing & Sales
the original change paradigm

Before a new and novel concept can be successfully adopted and adapted, a person must receive that concept in way that allows them to physically, socially, and/or emotionally adopt it.

The study of Marketing & Sales is the study of how we receive, adopt, and adapt new and novel concepts and ideas.

Foundation of Change

The basis for change exists in five stages.

"Hello, would you be interested in . . . "



Ok, Let's Do It.

Started Doing It a Little Bit.

Been Doing It and Looking to Evolve.

The goal of Marketing & Sales as a paradigm is to identify at what stage a person is currently and to help them to transition to the next stage.

Note: Stages can recycle before transitioning!
With each stage comes opportunities for insight for how best to address resistance in transitioning.

Personality Matters

[developing social and emotional competencies]


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