Our Services

  • A brief phone (or video) call to learn more about SDS.

    45 min

  • (1) Standards-Based (2) Social-Emotional (3) Developmental Mindset

    2 hr

    400 US dollars
  • A 20-week teacher coaching program for Self-Directed Schooling

    Starts Jan 8, 2021



Introductory presentations

provide an overview of research and best practices

of the three primary concepts:

(A) Standards-Based Learning

(B) Social-Emotional Learning

(C) Human Development

All presentations and coaching are provided under a model of "adopt and adapt"

to help schools tailor these concepts to their needs.

Presentations are booked at a school's preferred location at a time convenient for the staff, in the morning, midday, or afternoon.

The initial presentation allows for an overview and discussion of primary and secondary concepts of this framework and philosophy.

Followup presentations and coaching are scheduled at the discretion of the school according to a customized transition timeline.

Presentations are always* in-person and coaching is provided via video-conferencing for ongoing feedback and advice specific to the needs of each teacher and their students.


Presentations will be scheduled via Zoom (or other preferred platform)      - indefinitely.


As we prepare our students for success in college or careers,

it is critical that elementary, middle, and high schools adopt and adapt a well-rounded philosophy towards academic, social-emotional, and human development.

Many students spend roughly half of their waking hours on a school campus (8am - 4pm).

Students learn more than academics on a school campus. They develop friendships, mentors, study skills as well as life skills on a school campus.

It is important that educators not only serve to improve student academic success, but in order to do so must equally improve student social-emotional and human development in ways that help students take ownership of their learning - and their future.


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