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These "traditional-style" gradebooks give teachers the old-school feeling of grading students but with a new-school approach to standards-based grading. Separated by standard, this tool tracks summative assessment data for students according to the standard(s) being assessed. Over time, a clear picture is painted of what any student has been able to master and what they have not, specific to the standard or skill that has been assessed. For the teacher, it provides valuable insight into what skills are being assessed, when, how often, as well as what skills are not being assessed throughout the year. These gradebooks are available for grades K-8, include the common core state standards for Math and ELA, and are customizable for multiple rosters of multiple-subject teachers. These are the perfect tool to help transition your team to a standards-based grading model!

Standards-Based Gradebook (Math/ELA)

  • Each gradebook is custom created for each teacher or parent that orders one. Therefore, we do not store gradebooks and will require 2-3 days to print and assemble your gradebook prior to shipping. Thank you!

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