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PROJECT implementation

This study is to be implemented in schools across California. Initial Surveys include demographic information of teachers and students. All survey responses and participant data are securely stored in university servers for the duration of the study.


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Summer of Year 1: all participating teachers and students take an Initial Survey.

Each year, participants will take an online web-based survey in Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Throughout the study, participating teachers will receive instructional modules with information about specific strategies related to metacognition and student learning, with a specific focus on strategies included in the study's self-assessment surveys.


In total, all participants will respond to TEN total surveys over a three-year timeframe.

Classroom Observations
UVU Graduate Students will be conducting intermittent observations of classrooms.

External observation is used as a complementary measure to the collected data from teacher and student self-assessments. Observers are impartial to the particulars of any individual participant and scripted checklists remove observer bias from data collection.

Observations will be scheduled during specific windows of time to minimize observer-expectancy effects.

Fall: September 15 - 25                Winter: December 10 - 20                Spring: March 5 - 15

Scripted observations and coding are conducted by grant-funded UVU graduate students.

In the event a classroom shifts to an onine distance learning setting, observations will
require access to the schedule online classroom to observe in real-time.









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