CORE skills and concepts

for lifelong self-directed learning

Academic mastery may be the goal, but learning how to learn is the process by which academic mastery can be achieved - with intention.

A focus on these core skills and concepts results in mastery of any academic topic, particularly when it is their interest guiding engagement.


Identify and Manage Emotions

Identify and Manage Emotions

Describe Feelings and their Impact

Explain the Value and Use of Coping Strategies

Self-Efficacy and Improvement

Identify values and personal strengths of the self

Describe benefits of support systems for the self

Describe impact and influence of others on the self

Self-Reflection and Goal-Setting

Identify ways to improve goal-setting

Describe behaviors related to goal-setting

Reflect on progress of goal-setting approach


Empathy and Perspective

Identify how people think and feel differently

Describe how actions impact others' perspectives

Explain how communication impacts perspective

Interpersonal Skills

Know when and how to communicate effectively

Improve communication skills in groups

Conflict Resolution

Identify conflicts in various situations

Describe strategies for resolving conflict

Practice de-escalation strategies and techniques


Responsibility (Rules/Consequences)

Identify rules and consequences in various contexts

Explain various impacts of rules and consequences

Community (Caring/Citizenship)

Identify needs and solutions for communities

Explain ranges of impact by assisting communities

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