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Vision & Mission

Empowering Individual Progress over Perfection with a Self-Directed Learning Mindset

My mission is to empower educators and educational leaders to create self-directed learning environments that foster autonomy and competence in critical thinking and lifelong learning skills in their students. We believe that every student has the potential to succeed and thrive when provided with the right tools and resources.

Meet Greg Mullen



Unconventional Thinker

Navigating uncharted territories in educational practices and envisioning creative solutions to propel teachers and educational leaders beyond the known conventional boundaries.

Product Developer

Educational Apps,

Gradebooks & Data Walls

Crafting cutting-edge solutions and resources to address evolving educational needs and enhance the experience of teaching and learning in classrooms around the world.

Classroom Teacher

10+ Years Experience

California, USA

Incorporating practical insights and perspectives that bridge pedagogical, androgogical, and heutogogical theory and practice with real-world classroom dynamics.



Exploring the Core LLC

Blending forward-thinking strategies with practical classroom expertise, fostering transformative approaches that elevate teaching practices and student learning outcomes.

"I believe that a self-directed learning philosophy that promotes individual growth and self-discipline can benefit the oversight and efficiency desired by most school communities. When student autonomy and ownership is achieved in an institutional setting, what forms is something I call Self-Directed Schooling.
- Greg Mullen

Services and Fees

A range of services are offered to meet the needs of educators and educational leaders, including professional development, curriculum design, and coaching. Contact us to learn more about our services and fees.

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