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Current Projects: Seeking Partnerships and Support

Partner with Exploring the Core to (r)evolutionize education by joining forces on one of these impactful initiatives aimed at addressing needs of schools and organizations worldwide.

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TTM Change Management Model

Trailblazing Change Initiatives is about pioneering change initiatives and trailblazing paths forward with agency, autonomy, and purpose through the use of the Transtheoretical Model of change.


Culture Compass:
Elements of Culture

These self-assessments are designed to identify and measure elements of culture with an intent and purpose to address misalignment across departments with intentional interventions for creating a cohesive culture in an organization, company, school, or district.



Teacher eduScrum Practices Survey 

This study successfully validated a novel survey for measuring the readiness of educators to adopt the eduScrum Framework. With this study, the researchers contribute to an ongoing exploration into the stages of readiness for adopting and adapting new or novel teaching practices in schools around the world.


Identifying Instructor Readiness to Adopt Metacognitive Teaching Practices and its Impact on Student Readiness to Adopt Metacognitive Learning Strategies.

This study is designed to demonstrate how personalized professional development programs, guided by the Trans-theoretical Model, can effectively enhance educators' readiness to adopt metacognitive teaching practices and empower students' metacognitive learning strategies, inviting collaboration for further exploration and advancement in this vital area of educational research.



AI-Driven Formative Assessment App

This app integrates standards-based skill chains that personalizes a self-directed approach to formative assessment practice. Through the integration of AI-driven assessment and feedback features, this app enables students to track and master academic standards, both within and across grade levels.


Metacognition Ater-School Program

Metacognition Matters: A Cognitive Compass for 

Discovering Your True North! is an After-School Program targeting Grade Levels 6-8 with potential for expansion to Grades 3-5 and High School. Its focus is developing knowledge and skills about effective learning strategies specific to individual learning habits and preferences.


SEL Framework & Program

This comprehensive Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) framework and program go beyond weekly lessons, integrating a mindset for internalizing self-regulation strategies, shared values, and interpersonal skills that align with a school's vision and mission.


Personality & Classroom Management

These online learning modules integrate the Five-Factor Model of personality with classroom design principles, optimizing environments to accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences for classroom management approaches to tailor strategies effectively and foster an inclusive and engaging classroom learning environment.

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4-Quadrant Healthy Living Model

This four-quadrant model for healthy living personalizes the balance of work, play, exercise, and diet (with sleep at the center) integrating biopsychosocial perspectives to promote overall well-being. By recognizing the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, and social factors, individuals can cultivate a sustainable and personalized approach to leading a healthy lifestyle specific to their contexts and situations.

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"Clutterbug" in the Mind

The "Clutterbug" approach to organizing clutter, when applied to organizing thoughts, provides insight into individual cognitive styles, aiding in structuring speaking and writing for clearer communication. By recognizing whether one's thought organization aligns with the Butterfly, Bee, Ladybug, or Cricket style, individuals can tailor their communication methods to convey ideas and concepts to themselves and to others effectively.

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