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for Self-Directed Schooling

Providing guidance and support for classroom teachers interested in a Self-Directed Learning* philosophy within a schooling environment.

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*Self-Directed Learning is a philosophy focused on student ownership of learning.

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What is involved?

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Survey current practices based on the SDS Framework*.

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Meet weekly to discuss SDS Framework* in action.



Record challenges and successes each week.

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Look at trends and changes

based on the SDS Framework*.

Learn more about

the SDS Framework

Distance Learning

The Goal


Explore developing innovations in education:

Standards-Based Grading

Competency-Based Assessment

Social-Emotional Learning

Metacognitive Knowledge

Peer Feedback & Assessment

Active Learning Strategies

Inquiry-Based Learning

It's just as important for students to meet and reflect on their learning practices as it is for teachers to meet and reflect on their teaching practices. 

My goal is to help intuitive teaching and learning practices to become intentional.

Outdoor Biology Class

Feedback from Participating Teachers

Why might SDS Coaching

be beneficial to new teachers?

Teacher (Redondo Beach CA)

It stresses the individual teacher’s strengths and gives them a better sense of what they do well as a teacher and how those strengths can be used in new ways.

Having a knowledgeable support teacher to soundboard off of is absolutely beneficial to anyone. New teachers will learn so much about themselves and the students that they might not see or think of in the classroom.

I believe it would benefit new teachers by giving them clear frameworks that encompass all areas of teaching/learning. I also feel it improves both instructional practices and student achievement

Teacher (Torrance CA)

Teacher (Santa Ana CA)

How is the value of 'SDS Coaching'

less than, equal to, or greater than

the time/energy spent participating?

Teacher (Redondo Beach CA)

I think taking the time to talk about what is happening in the class helps me to refocus what I should do next. The value is definitely greater than the time/effort needed to participate.

Teacher (Torrance CA)

I think the coaching is greater and complimentary of the time needed in participation. 

Teacher (Santa Ana CA)

I believe the SDS Coaching is equal to the time and energy needed to participate.


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