Response to L.A. Times Op-Ed (June 3, 2021)

The State of California has proposed a new framework for Mathematics which was released for public review and comment in early 2021, and the revisions from that review are currently being prepared for a second period of public review and comment. I read through its chapter on assessments and, honestly, I was more than happily surprised. It seems to be heavily focused on student-led assessment practices and a teaching philosophy rooted in empowering students to learn *how* to learn.

The challenge, I believe, will be in shifting this belief we have as a country that the teachers are somehow responsible for the learning of every single student in their classroom and that more teachers and smaller class sizes is the only solution. There has been an enduring belief in education for decades that student success is wholly dependent on a teacher's ability to "control" student learning. This seems to be the underlying belief for many in education, as well as the L.A. Times Editorial Board.