"The Glitch"

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Imagine a video game where each level requires the skills learned in previous levels.

Now imagine playing a few levels, and you make some friends along the way, only to get stuck in one level where you are unable to figure out what to do.

After some time, the screen fades out and then fades back in again and you find yourself at the beginning of the next level and you realize the game has a glitch!

No matter how much of the level you’ve actually figured out, no matter the reason why a level is particularly challenging, and no matter the circumstances distracting you from focusing on any one level, you always get sent to the next level.

Now imagine some players helping you figure out partsof each level while other players miss out on enough of several levels that the game begins to seem too hard - even when receiving help from other players.

When struggling players try to walk away from the game, they are each brought right back and told to keep playing the game. Plus, if you play the game wrong, your character is put in a solo tutorial for earlier level skills - that is, until your character times out and starts the next level.

The game itself stops being fun because you realize you aren't really playing it right anyway, you have to mess up a lot to get back to the solo tutorial that you want to do anyway, and whatever was keeping you from figuring out those earlier levels it’s still keeping you from figuring out the solo tutorial to get back to the level that you’re on.

You decide to play the game *just enough* with the other characters that are also not playing it right so you each don't get put in those boring solo tutorials.

As you play this game, your family plans celebrations for your completion because they also completed it and they’re excited to see what game you'll play next, given that now you will have the freedom to choose whatever game you want (presuming no other expectations)…

And when the last level times out and you've managed to play well enough to see the regular end game screen with player rankings of all the other players, and you joke about how your ranking is higher than the other lower ranking friends you've made, and you laugh about how you are all ranked higher than those that found themselves on an alternative ranking end game screens...

And when you put the controller down, and you wake up after having celebrated the end game screen with all of the other players, you find many players are already preparing for their next new game, whether it is Strategy or Action-adventure, Single-Player or MMORP, or any other particular game genre and style.

With what you learned from the levels you did figure out, you are excited to discover that your choice of games do not require those higher level skills that you were forced to avoid for so long.

Those that did figure out all of those levels, they’re busy connecting what the